Definition - As defined by the SBoPGEdit

A procedure carried out by a varied number of men (depending on intensity required) in which the patient is beaten in order to provoke mental envigoration and/or cooperation.

Intensity LevelsEdit

Level 1Edit

A unarmed, singular man.

Level 2Edit

An armed, singular man.

Level 2Edit

Two unarmed men.

Level 3Edit

Two armed men.

Level 4Edit

Three unarmed men.

Level 5Edit

Three armed men.

Level 6Edit

Four unarmed men.

Level 7Edit

Four armed men.

Level 8Edit

Five unarmed men.

Level 9Edit

Five armed men.

Level 10/OmegaEdit

The strongest man currently under Sceptre Facility #X's employment, will take a crowbar directly to the upper spinal column of the patient.

Criteria for Accepted 'Medicinal Chastisement' - as set by the SBoPGEdit

The codes of conduct concering 'Medical Chastisement' are very ambiguous and in fact seems to alter in every Sceptre Facility. Some of the less funded Facilities consistantly resort to 'Medicinal Chastisement' as they lack the ability and funds for other procedures, whereas other facilities refuse to warrant level one 'Medicinal Chastisement' in cases of outright attempted murder (committed by patient).

Despite their best efforts to regulate the usage of 'Medicinal Chastisement' the SBoPG never managed to completey exclude it from the accepted practices of SBoPG psychologists.

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