Blake ChambersEdit

Blake Chambers is the man who, in 2065, re-founded Sceptre as Sceptre Inc and returned to the old values of 1.0 before the Fiscal Corruption. He dubbed the re-newed Sceptre: 'Sceptre 2.0'.


Early LifeEdit

An only child, Blake was born on November 30, 2027 in Oxford, England, to wealthy British parents. His father, David Chambers was a Professor of Particle Physics. His mother was Scarlett Blake (Which inspired his name). In 2031, he and his family moved to Cambridge, due to his father aquiring a position at the University.

He received his Ph.D in Quantum Physics (with minors in Experimental Physics and Mathmatics) from Cambridge University at the age of 22. He simultaneously earned a diploma in Advanced Engineering from [Redacted: Due to a related Mishap, the entire Thing was incinerated by The Sceptre Inc. Custom Mishap Incinerator ].


He started out his work at the [Redacted] Patent Office, in 2049. He reviewed patents for Communication Systems. Not many applications were filed under this category, and so Blake had a lot of free time. He discovered an entire folder named 'Sceptre 1.0'. He became captivated when he read about the 1913 Computer, 85 years ahead of it's time. Blake soon began to learn all about Sceptre 1.0. He admired the company's original values, but was shocked to read about the eventual corruption and loss of control that lead to it's closure. He left the Patent Office and decided to start his own Experimental Science Company, Blake Laboratories. He fashioned the company around the Sceptre values, and tried to do what they did, pre-corruption. The company was never commercially successful, but was funded around £10 million per year, despite only Blake and [Redacted] working on it's projects. In 2061, Blake managed Localised Fourth Dimensional Folding on a microscopic scale, effectively teleporting an atom 0.0001 nanometres 'to the left' as he wrote in his notes.

Pre-Sceptre 2.0 AdvancesEdit

Along with Fourth Dimensional Folding, Blake re-designed and made the Patterson Power Cell a viable source of energy, but never sold it. Instead he kept both a secret, waiting for the right time to use them.

Sceptre 2.0Edit

In 2065, Blake Laboratories was temporarily shut down. Two months later, Blake purchased the remains of Sceptre 1.0 and reinvented it as Sceptre Inc . He dubbed Sceptre Inc: 'Sceptre 2.0'.

Sceptre then purchased Blake Laboratories, and through extension, it's technology. Blake, with a group of trusted physicists and engineers, including Wolfe, expanded on the Localised Fourth Dimensional Folding and turned it into Expansive Fourth Dimensional Folding. They used this to create MSL Portals (Matter, Sound, Light) to different parts of the facility. A re-designed and scaled up Patterson Power Cell was used to power the facility, making it 98.2% self-sufficient, despite potential losses from the Expansive Fourth Dimensional Folding Engine.

After the success of these projects, Blake moved on to develop various useful and/or trivial items. One such item was the Combustible Lemon, an idea he got from a popular 21st Century Game he played as a child. The Combustible Lemon was a Lemon which when ignited would burn Six times faster than Paper.

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