Evelyn (or Eve) was originally hired as an Assistant of Viral Research for Sceptre, however due to a few fatal Mishaps that occured during Viral Experimentation she was promoted to an Independant Viral Researcher of Sceptre within months.

Slowly she rose through the ranks of Sceptre, eventually becoming the Master of Viral Weapons Research for Sceptre Facility #[Redacted]. Here she made various breakthroughs in Viral Weapon Manufacturing. Her most famous discovery involved the exploitation of a species of mushroom, known as Vitalis Mortia, that caused severe hallucinations in victims. From the isolated chemical responsible for the hallucinations she was capable of manufacturing a more potent chemical that drove people clinically insane after just minutes of exposure.

Reports and evidence all suggest she was a good Master of Viral Weapons Research who looked out for the scientists under her wing. Under her command the Viral Weaponry programme of Sceptre Facility #[Redacted] became twice as large and twice as lucrative. Much akin to her husband, Joshua, she wasn't afraid to overuse human subjects for her experiments.

Work with Vitalis MortiaEdit

Eve's work with the species of mushroom know as the Vitalis Mortia lead to two discoveries of new chemicals. From these two 'base' chemicals multiple mixtures and variants were spawned until the closing of Sceptre 1.0. However not one of these mixtures were as potent as the two Eve personally oversaw the development of. The 2 discoveries she made with Vitalis Mortia are:

Incident #304Edit

At the time of Incident #304 Eve would have been 28.

Eve took on the role of a leader during Incident #304, she rendezvoused with a group of eleven survivors and managed to save two of them. One being her husband and Sceptre Psychologist; Joshua Carter and the other being a third-party investor; Lillith Doverman.

Upon analysis of Incident #304 three hotspots of patient activity were found, Eve managed to navigate her team through all three of these hotspots with minimal life lossed. Five of the nine survivors who died, died due to infighting when seperated from Eve whilst the other four lives were claimed by various patients. During Incident #304 Eve showed anomalous talent with a gun and an unexplainable skill to remain optimistic and to inspire other survivors remain hopeful. Eve, during the events of Incident #304, killed [Redacted] patients out of [Redacted]. She had [Redacted] encounters with Ravenna Marcello, during Incident #304. Unlike the other survivors, these encounters weren't violent. Instead they seemed more like calm conversations; Sceptre is yet to have any solid theory for what these encounters were about.

After escaping Sceptre Facility #[Redacted] she managed to evade Sceptre containment and has subsequently dissapeared with no known sighting post-Incident #304. Sceptre, post-Incident #304, hosted a serious invesitgation into her history in an attempt to explain her skill with a gun and her ability to keep herself together under high pressure situatuions. No results found could explain them.


Joshua CarterEdit

Eve and Joshua were a happily married couple, however after her dissapearance the validity of the marriage is debatable. Joshua, however, has been recorded to mutter her name in his sleep frequently.

Lillith DovermanEdit

There is no evidence to suggest the friendship displayed between Lillith and Eve was something more than that of people forced together in a high stress situation. However due to her death no further interrogation is possible.

Ravenna MarcelloEdit

Aside from the two seprate meetings between her and Eve during the events of Incident #304, there is no evidence to support any kind of relationship. However, Ravenna was never found after the events of Incident #304 so interrogation is not possible. Some hypotheses exist stating that Ravenna and Eve escaped together after Incident #304, but there is no proof of this.


Many Sceptre Personnel believe that Eve had very little skill in her job, aside from basic skills most Sceptre Viral Researchers would have, she didn't seem to possess knowledge of any advanced methods. When it comes to the work with Vitalis Mortia the people who question her skill state that it was a lucky fluke or that she didn't develop anything. Whilst it is true, all Eve did was largely accentuate the hallucination chemical Everun, she did alter the chemical slightly to make its effects more potent. There is heavy debate among Sceptre officials about if this is worthy of being classed development.

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