What is itEdit

Everide - affectionately known as 'wibble wobble' due to the side affect of giving those administered with the drug the illusion of everything wobbling- is a chemical derived from the musroom species of Vitalis Mortia. First isolated and extracted by Evelyn Madson.


Living organismsEdit


The effects of Everide on a living organism varies depending on the speed of the brainwaves of the organism that takes it. When administered to someone 'pumped up' or excited that person becomes much calmer however if administered to someone whose brainwaves are more relaxed and slower then their brainwaves would become faster. Testing had shown that the higher the dose the more to the opposite side of the scale your brainwaves go. As of yet there doesn't seem to be any limit, eventually enough a dose will either kill you buy over heating the brain or driving it into hibernation. The drug also shows to be highly addictive, and in fact replaces proteins within brain cells after prolonged exposure, so even those who kick the addiction and don't die of enforced mental hibernation or a 'cooked' brain will eventually die of a rapidly growing fungal infection in the brain. Everide has been deemed fit only for use of putting down over aggressive patients of the SBoPG.


Everide requires active brain cells to take affect so when administered to plants nothing of note happens.

Dead organismsEdit

see plants.



Originally the drugs were going to be sold to pharamceutical companies as a new anaesthetic, however after it was revealed that it drives relaxed people into being hyper-alert, causes unbearable cravings and sparks of a fungal infection that has 100% mortality rate it was deemed unfit for that use. The second marketing scheme was selling it en masse to drug lords across the globe, considering the addictiveness and the eventual death of the drug lords this seemed like the optimum plan - profit and a lot less drug lords. However after EI-02 (everide incident 2) prodcution of the drug was cancelled immediately.


During the brief interlude it was in production Everide was purchased from the NEaDSC, by the SBoPG in order to dose the aggressive patients. There was an influx of patient deaths at the hand of the SBoPG when the fungal infection kicked in 3 days later.


Everide incident 1Edit

During experiment 3, human subject x with brainwaves higher than average, was going to be dosed over a 24 hour period, Eve wanted to know if the brain would instinctively try to stabilise itself against the drug. The test results were conclusive; there is no minimum. during the forth hour of continual dosing, the man entered a coma and died four minutes later. The drug had slowed his brain down to the point of not functioning. In the subsequent Experiment she dosed a man for 24 hours, whose brainwaves were originally slower than average. His brain began to overheat and breakdown in the third hour, this time however Sceptre Personnel managed to save him, but not before major brain damage was caused. 3 days later he was found dead, during the autopsy they found multiple spores on his brain that had been secreting a posionous toxin directly into his bloodstream and brain tissue.

Everide incident 2Edit

In order to sell enough Everide to the various drug lords in association with Sceptre to make a profit a group of over a hundred workers were assigned to readying the order and an addiction broke out. Various workers tried the drug unknowing of the side effects, became addicted and then told others to try it. Out of the hundreds of workers assigned to preparing the order only 3 of them survived without an addiction or fungal infection in the brain. This itself said alot about Everide, it could make the human brain dependant upon it within minutes of exposure and fungal infection would start upon first contact with the drug.

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