What is itEdit

Everun - also known as Dollhouse, after the first human subject to be administered spent hours walking in circles begging to be let out of her dollhouse - is a chemical that can be isolated from the mushroom species known as Vitalis Mortia. It was first isolated and extracted by Eve Madson. Eve also manufactured a variant of Everun capable of causing permanent insanity within minutes, however tis was never released onto the external market.


Living organismsEdit


When administered to human subjects the subjects will witness extremely vivid and sensory realistic hallucinations. All but 2 of the tested human subjects have reported seeing their darkest fears. Upon prolonged exposure the mental stability of the subject is put at risk. The longer the drug is introduced into the body, the more vivid and sensory real the hallucinations become, the extremity of hallucinations also increases with the imagined creature or object becoming scarier and more surreal to the subject. An experiment was run where they tried a 24 hour period of continual dosing, after the begging and screaming of the human subject became to much to handle (approx. 7 hours in) for the scientists assigned to monitor the subject they unhooked the dose. Whilst leaving no mental cravings for the drug, the subject required daily therapy until the day he died. This test was ruled conclusive as it lead to the discovery of the four hour dose limit of Everun- after four hours exposure the subject would snap and would never be able to forget the hallucinations. Symptoms such as; nervous twitches & habits, crazed muttering and sudden outbursts of terror are common among those 'broken' by Everun. Akin to its sister drug it has no limitations to how far it will push the brain, even after the subject is driven insane the hallucinations will continue if more Everun is supplied, however unlike its sister drug - Everide - the effects of Everun can only be felt by direct ingestion of the drug.


Everun requires an active brain to take affect. When Everun is adimistered to plants, nothing of note happens.

Dead organismsEdit

See plants.



As soon as the effects of exposure to Everun were discovered a message went around the governments of the world. Being able to spread disabilitating fear thoughout a populace like cholera was a long awaited weapon. There was no shortage of demand for Everun. Sceptre made over 2 trillion pounds from external trade of Everun.


There is a constant influx of money from the SBoPG to the NEaDSC for this product. The effect of Everun in shock therapy is borderline magic.


As with all experiments with drugs such as Everun, casualites will be found; in the specific case of Everun a stunning 31 human subjects have been left mentally incapacitated.

Everun Mishap 1Edit

A frequent shock therapy practitioner, under jurisdiction of the SBoPG, was attacked with a syringe filled with Everun by his patient. Unfortunately the practitioner was subesequently murdered by the patient who proceeded to try and escape. He was caught within minutes and escorted back into his room. Everun isn't the direct cause of this incident but if the practitioner, [Redacted], would've been abble to think straight we are sure he wouldn't have been murdered so easily.

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