Joshua Carter was recruited into Sceptre Facility #[Redacted] at the age of 27. He was one of thirty-one new psychologists brought in to provide psychological evaluations and help for the human subjects after a viral outbreak caused by a Mishap of the NEaDSC resulted in the death of thirty-one psychologists. The most notable of patients placed under his care was Ravenna Marcello. Despite the condition of the patients placed under his care (often they were [Redacted]) he showed almost perfect results. However it was, post-Incidence #304, brought to the attention of Sceptre that his methods were brutal and inhumane - it is still unknow whether Sceptre Facility #[Redacted] knew of or even cared about his treatment of the patients. He was found to authorise over one-hundred-and-twenty-two 'Medicinal Chastisements' above level five and often dosed his patients into subordiantion using Everide.

Joshua was also during the last three months before Incident #304 made Master of Psychological Experimentation and Practice for Sceptre Facility #[Redacted]. There were also talks of applying him for a seat on the SBoPG before Incident #304.

Incident #304Edit

During Incident #304 Joshua proved to be nearly invaluable to Evelyn as his personal knowledge of many of the patients under Sceptre's care gave her the upperhand when faced with them (Eve would come to have to kill [Redacted] of the [Redacted] patients). However when it came to conflict he was useless, not one scrap of evidence suggests he held arms with Lillith and Eve against the patients of Sceptre; whether he didn't fight because of personal beliefs or whether he just wouldn't have been much help in a fight is uncertain. Footage also reveals that he was never alone during Incident #304, he consistantly remained with someone else no matter how impractical it seemed. He proved to be the biggest hindrance to escaping Sceptre Facility #[Redatced]. Upon interrogation post-Incident #304 it seems Joshua had a fear of his patients and what they would do to him given the chance of open and lethal violence. He is the only survivor of Incident #304 to have prior-encounters with Ravenna Marcello, however he had no encounters with her during Incident #304.

Joshua, with extensive aid from his wife Eve and Lillith, managed to escape the facility after Incident #304. However he was swiftly apprehended by Sceptre officials for interrogation. He has yet to be released. His mental condition seems to be unstable with consistant violent outbursts followed by [Redacted] that tends to last for [Redacted] hours.


Evelyn MadsonEdit

Joshua was happily married to Evelyn, however due to her subsequent dissapearance after Incident #304 the validity of the marital contract is very much up for debate. However Joshua can still be heard muttering her name in his sleep.

Lillith DovermanEdit

Joshua's relationship with Lillith is non-existant. Even during Incident #304 very little was said betwen them, and the few words they did say to one another were short and blunt. The reason for this hesitation to become more than aquaintances is uncertain.

Ravenna MarcelloEdit

Joshua was Ravenna's psycologist. He would use torture to get her to react to him, and to see what effects it had. Pages from Ravenna's diary show her complete and utter hatred for him, to the point where she wrote three pages on how 'wonderful it would be to see him dead.' Supporters of the theory that Ravenna was the spark of Incident #304 cite Joshua as the primary reason for her anger and homicidal attitude.

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