The Fourth DimensionEdit

According to Dr Blake Chambers


The Fourth Dimension has often been said to consist of time, the only linear 'thing' that could not be a part of 3 Dimensional reality. This however, is entirely untrue, as proven by Dr Blake Chambers in his experiments. These are extracts from his notes on the subject;

The Fourth Dimension is in fact a merging of the three spacetime dimensions into one. The triangular Mobius Band to the right is the only way we have of representing this (Or a ridiculous equation). To understand the principle of the Band Representation, you have to think of it like this: Yellow = X axis, Red = Y axis, Blue = Z axis. All three dimensions are connected together in a band, that loops on itself, and in such a way that all 3 are one and the same(Now, imagine the band is all one colour). One dimension, that is the merging of all Three real-space ones.


This gives birth to the idea that Reality is the puppet and the Fourth Dimension is the strings. All we have to do is take the strings, and become the puppeteer.


The Fourth Dimension exists at all times, but cannot be manipulated in it's entirety, due to it's size (Same principle as the Universe; We can manipulate it's contents, say a coffee mug, but not the entire thing). In order to access it, one has to isolate a field of the Band, which contains the 3D Real-Space you wish to manipulate. Physical manipulation of 3D space (Such as re-sizing and deforming) is considered beyond current technology by the Author, as this would cause instabilty and maybe cause the Band to 'snap'. However, nothing is stopping us from 'bending' it. By bending the band, we can bring two parts of Real-Space together in the Fourth Dimension. By this I mean that there is no physical change in Real-Space, only in the Fourth Dimension.

Once these parts of the Band have been brought together, the overlapping part generates a hole in Real-Space. This is the complicated bit. Now, try to imagine a long cylinder. If you were to bend the cylinder around into a noose shape, and one part of the cylinder overlapped into the other, then those two parts of the cylinder are existing in one place. The same applies to the Fourth Dimension. If two parts of the band over lap, then two parts of Real-Space are now existing in the same place. This ultimately causes Reality to generate some way of putting two places in one. So it creates a Wyrm Hole. This is a hole in the fabric of Spacetime, which connects to another part of Reality, as per the Fourth Dimension's 'bent' configuration. Thus, two places exist in one. Reality has a logical solution to the problem.

Once a Wyrm Hole has been created, then comes the need to hold it in place. A Wyrm Hole has a very strong Electromagnetic presence, and so can be held in place because of this. Once the Wyrm Hole is fixed in position and is held open, it is possible to 'release' the Fourth Dimension Band. As the band shifts back into position, the Wyrm Hole will cause dangerous disturbances to it's surroudings, but once the Band is normal, the Hole becomes stable.

It is now possible to walk Three Steps through this 'Portal' and be over Two Miles away.


The Reader will no doubt be wondering; 'How do you manipulate a dimension?'. Unfortunately, due to the untested factors in this area, we are sad to admit that this still remains Trial Science, and so is CLASSIFIED.

Localised Fourth Dimensional FoldingEdit


The principle of Localised Fourth Dimensional Folding is that the area of the Band manipulated is very small, and therefore 'easier' to manipulate. Dr Chambers' original tests used a Blake Field Area of 0.001.

Blake Field AreaEdit

A Blake Field Area is a unit designed by Chambers to measure area in a Dimension where area is impossible. A Blake Field of 0.001 translates to 0.0001 nanometres in length of Real-Space. The Blake Field is often referred to by the scientific community as the 'Improbable Measurement System'.

In the same way as the Blake Field size affects the distance between points of Real-Space, the size of the Field also affects the Wyrm Hole size. This is the reason why Dr Chambers was only able to move an atom across Real-Space; The Wyrm Hole was tiny.


The power consumption of the required machinery is enormous. Dr Chambers noted that he caused the biggest blackout in over a hundred years to open and maintain the Wyrm Hole of the original test.

Expansive Fourth Dimensional FoldingEdit


When Blake Chambers re-invented Sceptre, he also brought with him the Scientific Principles of Fourth Dimensional Folding. At the time, his ability to manipulate the Fourth Dimension was limited. When the large scale Patterson Power Cell was installed at Sceptre Inc, Chambers realised he had the power to manipulate a larger Blake Field, up to 2.46 miles of Real-Space, by his calculations. Work began at once, scaling up the original devices he used to perform the first test.


The principle of Expansive Fourth Dimensional Folding is the same as it's Localised counterpart, simply on a larger scale.



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