Ravenna was born in [Redacted] on the year of 2000. Her birth was extremely complicated, and her mother died in labour. Ravenna has commented in her diary, and in personal conversations with her teddy with Mr. Fluffles about how her father blamed her for this, and never forgave her. Beatings were common place in her household up until the day she was taken into Sceptre custody; after and Incident in which she murdered her father after a particularly brutal beating; she was found covered in lacerations and bruises. Soon after being admitted to Sceptre Facility #[Redacted] it was soon found that she had aquired acute telekinesis and telepathy. It was never discovered how she came to develop that kind of mutation.

Sceptre ContainmentEdit


During the the first 3 years of her containment she was under jurisdiction of the NEaDSC, where they submitted her to a strict regime of mental practice and envigoration, to try and enhance her mental powers; this was greeted with severe opposition from the SBoPG. The results were investable, with her powers nearly tripling in strength she soon had third-party investors all ripping eachother apart (In a business sense of course) to claim the finished 'product'. However her maturity into becoming a sellable product was halted by the a serious pattern emerging in her 'private' conversations with Mr. Fluffles. She seemed to fixate on a specific member of the NEaDSC, and obsess over them, with her thoughts eventually becoming homicidal and threatening. This was usually followed by the 'victimised' scientist requiring extra leave for severe migraines. On a few occasions, the homicidal obsession was followed by the death of the 'victim'.


Following the notice and the popularity of the idea that Ravenna was using her mental powers to alienate and kill members of the NEaDSC they decided to restrict her human interaction as much as possible; preventing fixations, an idea that once again met heavy opposition from the SBoPG. In order to do this, an entire new wing of Sceptre Facility #[Redacted] was required. Despite the costing it was granted that the wing should be designed and built; the predicted finished product could bring in enough cash to buy ten more Facilities. It was desinged so that Ravenna could get to each of her required facilities with no human interaction. After it was designed and opened in 2009, Ravenna's testing resumed but to make up lost time she was forced into doing mental training double-time. However soon the fixations resumed again, however, now with an even stronger mental power the deaths increased in frequence and rapidity. After 2 months of resumed deaths Ravenna was sold officially by the NEaDSC to the SBoPG. In hopes that Ravenna would move on to killing the Psychologists instead of Scientists.


Ravenna found the switch hard to tolerate. She refused to respond to any kind of treatment or interrogation by Sceptre Psychologists; however the fixations did stop, much akin to the last time her daily scenery was changed. Finally having no luck the Master of the SBoPG, offered Ravenna to any who believed they could handle the burden. Joshua Carter, by this point a highly successful Sceptre Psychologist, was delighted with the chance. Using the ploy of making her feel more at home he authorised multiple level 1 'Medicinal Chastisements' on Ravenna, garnering no reaction he rapidly began auhtorising more and more extreme 'medicinal' procedures. From this point her diary and conversations with Mr. Fluffle were filled with speak of how much pain she wanted to 'break' him. It still unsure why she din't try; multiple theories exist, with the most probable being that she was still a young girl so change was difficult for her. Thus the sudden change in both daily routine and scenery threw off her mental power a little bit.

Incident #304Edit

Ravenna's involvement in the start of Incident #304 is heavily debated. Many Sceptre Personnel believe her mental powers to be the cause of the release of the [Redacted] of patients under Sceptre care. They also cite the actions of Joshua Carter as the primary reason for her aggression. It was originally thought that she had simply wandered around the facility during the events of Incident #304 and that her run-ins with Lillith and Eve were purely coincidence, however upon inspection she can actually be seen to almost be acting as the ring leader of the patients. She consistantly seems to egg on the patients into becoming more violent and aggressive. Some Sceptre Personnel have even gone as far as to say that Ravenna had used her mental powers to force the patients into reacting aggressively towards Sceptre personnel.

After the three survivors (Eve, Joshua and Lillith) escaped, it is most likely that she did too. However, Ravenna has yet to be seen again after he last run-in with Eve during the events of Incident #304.


Joshua CarterEdit

Ravenna was his patient, however due to the amount of 'medicinal procedures' and apparently her natural dislike of him, she often spoke of how much she'd love to 'break' him to her teddy; Mr. Fluffles.

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