Pre-Sceptre EndeavoursEdit

Raleigh and ChambersEdit

When he was 24, Raleigh - having flunked out of university for the second time - opened up a business with long-time friend Charles Chambers, after moths of continuous nagging from their parents to find jobs they took the initaitive and made their own. Despite how offical their name sounded their funding was next to nothing and so the only way they could gather products to sell was to sneak soap and other such missable items from their parents grocery bags and sell them to pedestrians walking by their smallish, self constructed wooden stall. In Raleigh's memoirs he speaks of how he was caught no less that eighteen times. Despite its humble beginnings the pair of them managed to pick their business up from rock bottom; Chamber's amazing eye for customers -never incorrectly guessing what a customer would be interested in - and Raleigh's winning charm - he could sell ice to a polar bear - meant that by the end of the first month of business the pair of them could comfortably afford a big and proffesionally constructed stall from which to sell their now non-stolen stock.

By the end of the year they'd been able to afford a small shop in the town centre. It was also during this first year that Raleigh and Co. found out their focus. Cars. On the [Redacted] all products were rush sold at in order to make room the new stock. Thier hometown of [Redacted] was incredibly rural and so cars seemed like the perfect trade; compared to the previous lifestyle of having to bike or walk everywhere including to the nearest city (aprrox 5 miles away) the cars practically pitched themselves. This ingenious idea paid off, with the pair of them making unprecedented amounts of profit - allowing for them to spend lavishly on new houses and whatever caught their eye - and eventually giving them the fiscal stability to purchase two new branches in neighbouring towns. For a while their future looked comfy.

It was half way into the second year of Raleigh and Chambers being in business that things took a turn for the worse. After selling cars to 90% of their hometown's populace they soon found the demand for cars very small, they also found their profit practically ceasing to exist. Both Raleigh and Chambers were forced to make concessions; they found themselves having to sell their personal possessions in order to pay the mortgages of their three branches. This sudden bankruptcy and the lack of available options lead to an inevitable split between the two. Chambers on the [Redacted] is reported to have stormed into the Raleigh and Chambers accountancy office (Raleigh's bedroom in his mother's house; due the profit flatline Raleigh was forced to sell his house in order to keep from the business completely failing) and punching Raleigh in the face thanking him for nothing. This turn of events lead to some serious psychological imprints on Raleigh. The bankruptcy itself seemed to evoke a need to never be without a small fortune at his finger tips and the seperation that the lack of money caused with Chambers (his former best friend, and who many believe to be the centre point of Raleigh's sexual affections) only stoked this need, however the seperation from Chambers also left a much more important psycholigcal scar. Riley felt that the only way to rekindle the friendship with Chambers was to become successful again, this passion/need for success would remain with Riley for the rest of his life.

Raleigh Corp.Edit

After a year of planning and aquiring funds Raleigh went back into business. This time under the name of Raleigh Corp. Raleigh Corp. had no set location or market focus, it was merely a producer. A call would be recieved by Riley asking for a certain product and he would obtain it for them. There was no limit to what could and couldn't be ordered so long as the price was right. The harder an riskier it was to obtain an item the more expensive it became. During the first year of business seven people were recuited to Raleigh Corp. All seven held previous convictions of assault, burgalry or drug dealing. The need for success, it seemed, drove Raleigh into accepting help from criminals and breaking the law on numerous occasions.

Aquirement of SceptreEdit

After the death of Riley's predecessor, [Redacted], who died with no heir, Sceptre was left without a Holder. So the decision remained among it's various investors, they could find a Holder of Sceptre or claim all the experiments and wings they'd invested in. Believing it easier to have their investments controlled by another company rather than carrying the financial burden themselves they set about finding a new Holder. They needed someone who would Hold Sceptre wihtout letting it fall and who would ensure their investments were not merely sinkholes of money. There were many who could've fulfilled this role. But only one could've been pushed around with the promise of a little more cash; Riley Raleigh. He was officialy given the stocks of Sceptre reserved for the Holder on the date of [Redacted.]

Holder of SceptreEdit

As Holder of Sceptre Riley initiated the following protocols and policies;

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