The Split Experiment Policy was introduced in [Redacted] by Riley Raleigh, and it aimed to minimise Sceptre expenditure on experiments.

The PolicyEdit

The policy is simple it seperates experiments into either; Central, Independant or Personal.

Central experimentsEdit

For an experiment to be classified as Central it must be taken before the NEaDSC proper and not a Sceptre Facility Assigned Agent. The experiment must also have a probable final product that will benefit the entirety of Sceptre in either of the following ways;

  • Be able to bring in massive profits (in excess of over half a billion)
  • Add to the security of Sceptre eg, give them something to hold over possible opponents. Raleigh remained resolute the ide of preventing an attack was better than being able to withstand one.

Evelyn Madson's work with Vitalis Mortia despite being Independant could have easily made the cut of Central were she to apply for it.

When an experiment is classed as Central it is ordered to be run by every Facility for the most reliable results in the quickest achievable time and to already have a sizeable stock of the finished product . A missive is sent to all businesses and governments in association with Sceptre telling of the probable finished product. After the willing investors have given their money, spiralling out from Sceptre Facility Alpha the central experiment is funded in each Facility, when the investor's funding runs out another categorisation is needed so the experiment becomes; central theroised or central untheorised.


If the probable result of the experiment is based upon solid evidence and calculation and can show undeniable evidence (usually performing it as a Personal experiment first) of the experiment working then it can be classified as theorised in which case Facility Alpha will, itself, provide the further required funding.


If the probable result is purely a guess based upon observations and weak calculations tand the evidence for the probable being produced is shady then it is regarded as untheorised and once the investor's funding runs out, the unfunded facilities are infromed they will not be running the experiment unless they take it on as a personal experiment.


An experiment that is brought before the NEaDSC for central status but doesn't quite make the cut or the probable final product would only provide either;

  • Large amount of profit (over one hundred million pounds)
  • A useable weapon should Sceptre come under military threat

Is classified as an independant experiment. The experiment is only to be run in the Facility from which the concept of it originated and there is no other available funding other that that of the investors.


An experiment with the status of personal are the only type of experiment to not be required to be taken before the NEaDSC or even to be accepted; the only criteria is that the NEaDSC's Sceptre Facility Assigned Agent knows of the experiment and logs it. There is no investor funding for personal experiments until stable results are produced. Once the results are conclusive the experiment may be re-entered for Independant or even Central classification. Sceptre accepts no responsobility for and cannot be held responsible for any injuries susatined during personal experiments.

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