After all Sceptre 1.0 Facilities were seperated into eleven administrative divisions - known as Sceptre Zones - the new owner of Sceptre felt the psychological well-being of the human subjects needed to be addressed; it just so happnes by making the human subjects last longer, there was less need for expensive excursions to the surface. So in the [Redacted] of the year 1986 the SCoPB was set-up to address the outright barbaric treatment of human subjects in Sceptre Facilities.


All psychologists under Sceptre employment were to file a report of their success rates and frequently used methods, the applications were then categorised by the Sceptre Zone they came from. After all applications had been collected the best from each Zone was invited to join the SBoPG. Finally the psychological branch of Sceptre Administrartion was made official.


After all eleven members had been verified and had their first meeting, new powers and limitations were laid out to them.

  • Psychologists were no longer under the jurisdiction of the Branch they worked at, they were now under direct control of the SBoPG and it was the SBoPG job to ensure they didn't get out of line. The SBoPG intorduced legisaltion requiring all Sceptre Psychologists to submit weekly reports. The reports were filtered so that only those showing gross misconduct would reach the attention of the SBoPG.
  • They were to come up with a comprehensive list of codes of practice for SBoPG psychologists that was to be enforced at all costs. The codes of conducts as laid out by the SBoPG turned out as a mixed blessing.
  • Patients were no longer given to the psychologists after the NEaDSC were done with them. It was up to the SBoPG psychologists to recommend the patient for psychological help when necessary or if the case called for it, the SBoPG could take the right to a human subject without NEaDSC confirmation. Many arguemnts erupted over who had the rights to a patient (the SBoPG or the NEaDSC) and what the patient had to demonstrate for SBoPG intervention.
  • The SBoPG were forced to meet up once a week to go over matters of business; misconduct among the psychologists, resolving arguments with NEaDSC over a rights a patient etc.
  • They were given a core of 15,000 armed guards to watch out for more aggressve patients under SBoPG care. These armed guards would eventually be turned on the NEaDSC to ensure the aquirment of new patients for the SBoPG went without resistance.
  • They were given rights to experiment on those deemed as 'hopeless cases' to try and earn some from of profit. The experiments woul turn out to be great profit makers.
  • All patients under SBoPG jurisdiction were to have psychological evaluation and help. This rule was followed out perfectly, the percentage of neglected human subjects under SBoPG fell to 0%.

Successes and FailuresEdit


  • After the formation of the Board the rate of human subjects that were be deemed mentally stable enough to under go a second test doubled. Some patients even made it into a third test.
  • Frequent breakthroughs were made on the inner workings of the brain; both concious and sub-concious. Especially in the subject of dreams and memory.
  • Expenditure on surface excursions were cut in half.
  • An enitre SBoPG infastructure was desgined by the SBoPG, maximising efficiency.

The SBoPG's successes made it surpass all possible predicted outcomes, despite the failures.


  • Instead of dealing with alot of misconduct they merely made it harder to be deemed acceptable. See 'Medicinal Chastisement'.
  • After the formation a rift opened among the Psychologists and Scientists of Sceptre; the frequency of disputes over rights to a human subject increased three-fold.
  • Despite the increase in successfully treated patients there was also an increase in those deemed a 'hopeless case', it seemed if the treatment of patient was to take longer than six months to begin to take and affect then they would be deemed hopeless and experimentation on them could begin.
  • Despite their best efforts, enforcing [Redacted] Sceptre Facilities to obey the codes of conduct proved to be impossible. A case of serious misconduct was present at every SBoPG meeting.

The RiftEdit

As before mentioned the awakening of the Sceptre Psychologists as a source of power among Sceptre created a serious rift among the Psychologists and Scientists. Various tactics we deployed to sabotage one another; cases exist of releasing unstable patients into testing so the test proved unreliable, claiming patients before treatment had cured them or the tests had made them eligible for psychological intervention. There a few isolated cases of the armed guards of the NEaDSC skirmishing with the armed guards of the SBoPG, however very few people were killed because of thse skirmishes and much of the Rift was merely the two groups slandering the other's work. That is until Incident #305.

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