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Welcome to the Sceptre Inc. Wiki

The complex and intricate inner workings of Sceptre Inc, and it’s subsidiaries.


Sceptre Incorporated is a Master Weapon and Experimental Science Company, dedicated to making the world a better place. With some mishaps along the way. But we sweep those under the carpet. The carpet that covers the Sceptre Inc. Custom Mishap Incinerator.

Important People of The Sceptre Facilities

Sceptre 1.0

Riley Raleigh

Eve Madson

Ravenna Marcello

Sceptre 2.0

Blake Chambers

Shorthand History Of Sceptre

Sceptre Incorporated was originally started by [Redacted], in the year Earth Year 1782. This came to be known as 1.0. By Earth Year 1970 there were a [Redacted] number of Sceptre Inc. Facilities. These, however, were shut down in Earth Year 2013, due to reasons explained in the Sceptre 1.0 Timeline.

In Earth Year 2065, Sceptre Inc. was re-opened as one facility located in [Redacted], England, by Blake Chambers . This became known as the Sceptre 2.0 Facility. This was shut down in Earth Year 2077 due to [Redacted], the Facility's Controlling AI.

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