Vitalis Mortia can be found in certain areas across the globe usually in the location of extremely dense rain forest. It can colonise an are of rainforest floor within minutes. Any outbreak of Vitalis Mortia outside of its expected ecosystem must be reported to Sceptre immediately.


Vitalis Mortia for all intents and purposes is a species of mushroom. It resembles a toadstool, however the head of the mushroom is a mucousy green colour and not read. Also the chemical make-up of Vitalis Mortia is completely unique; as of yet there are found variants of Vitalis Mortia and so must be treated as a new species of mushroom.


The first recorded specimen of Vitalis Mortia was collected by one of the various surface excursions to collect random specimens of unrecorded organic life for the Viral Weapon Programme of Sceptre.


There are two notable derivatives of Vitalis Mortia:

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